A Basket Full of Baby Names

Welcome! This is a free database of unique names. You'll find baby names, character names, pet names and unusual names in general.

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I've had a lifelong interest in unique names. Perhaps it's because I have an unusual name myself.

I've worked with documents and records for many years, and often paused to jot down the unusual names I encountered. Over the decades, my list became quite long, so I thought I'd share it with others who share a similar fascination with names.

The names here are not divided into male or female names. That's because there are many people, myself included, whose names are often associated with the opposite gender.

This isn't a "weird" names list, but an unusual names list. There's a difference. Some of these names are more unusual than others.

Keep checking the site. I hope to update it reasonably often. I'm taking these names out of stacks of notebooks I've had for decades. I've only just begun listing the names I've collected over the years.

If you actually use any of these names for children, fictional characters, pets or any other purpose, please let me know.

And now, on to the names!